With a body of work that is best described as landscapes that are planted - not built, Perry Guillot Inc. begins every project with the stated goal to relieve a garden from an overabundance of constructed elements. These lushly composed landscapes instead rely on an edited palette of plantings that become the raw materials used to mold a site into a harmonious place of purpose. Sensitive to the history and natural features of a given site, these gardens become designed landscapes where the articulation of outdoor space allows for a range of experiences and visual discovery that intend a deeper awareness of the natural world. With clearly defined objectives, each project is thoughtfully grounded in the Principals of Art: movement, unity, variety, balance, emphasis, contrast, proportion, and pattern – as all are instilled with the notion that gardens be places idyllic and beautiful. Realizing the dramatic changes taking place in the profession’s definition and relationship with nature, it is a deeply held belief that gardens be not only green at their core - but strive to leave the lightest of footprints.